Get to Know Us

The Faces Behind Willow & Blush

Kristen and Ashlee here!

We are best friends who met twenty-two years ago, and the rest is history! We live in the same small Canadian town, where life is warm, inviting, and relaxed - Just like our clothes! 

Kristen: I am a wife and a Mom of three. I have a daughter and two sons. I work in the field of social work and run a makeup business on the side as well. An entrepreneur at heart, I love all things fashion and beauty!
Ashlee: I am a wife, mom of two young boys, a Registered Nurse, and a dreamer. When Kristen and I became best friends we always said that we would work together and, well, do everything  together. Isn’t that what besties do?
Willow and Blush is more than just a clothing company and we cannot wait to share it with you. 

(We are still figuring out how to create a tunnel between our homes that our 15 year old selves dreamed of. Stranger things have happened!)