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About Us



Kristen and Ashlee here. We wanted to introduce ourselves so you could all put  faces to the names. We met 22 years ago and the rest is history. We have  always been best friends and have navigated life alongside each other  ever since.

I’m Kristen, I am a wife and a Mom of three. I have a  daughter and two sons. I live in a small town and love the little  community. I work in the field of social work and run a makeup business  on the side as well. I love all things fashion and beauty. Ashlee and I somehow managed to end up living in the same small town that we’re happy  to call home. We are still figuring out how to create a tunnel between  our homes that our 15 year old selves dreamed of. Stranger things have happened!

I am Ashlee, I am a wife, mom of two young boys, a Registered Nurse, and a dreamer. When Kristen and I became best friends we always said that we would work together and, well, do everything  together. Isn’t that what besties do?

 One thing that has always kept Kristen and I so close over the years is our love of clothes, whether it is talking about fashion icons or shopping at malls & online. The  beautiful thing about fashion is that it is a good conversation topic  that can lead to much bigger things, like introducing Kristen to her husband.

We are so happy to begin this adventure together. Willow and Blush is more than just a clothing company. It represents years of friendship and love. It represents balance, learning, and growth. It  represents self esteem and modesty. “Willow and Blush”

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